Meet the Horses
Theses are the 11 horses that make up the current herd at TAS, each has their own unique story matching their individual characters.


About the Sanctuary

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Sanctuary owner, Clare, comes from a traditional English riding background. She arrived in Spain in 2010 to work with a free-roaming herd who taught her a completely new way of relating to horses. At the same time, she was deeply moved by the plight of many of the horses and horsemanship practices. She saw horses hobbled, confined in tiny dirty stables all day, every day, and ridden in the extremely harsh serraton bridle. These two extremes represented the very best and worst of horse management and inspired the project.


Our Aim


  • To train the sanctuary horses sympathetically and naturally

  • Inspire horse lovers and owners through open days, project partnership programmes and workshops

  • Promote good horse care by creating an enriched environment for our own herd

  • Raise awareness of the requirements for a happy, healthy, emotionally and physically well-balanced horse

  • Be in a position to work with owners and their horses to explore and share knowledge of horse behaviour and welfare

The sanctuary was started in 2016 after the free-roaming herd Clare was working with lost their home. It is vital that we have support through trail riding and volunteers to get this project off the ground and progress as fast as we can in certain areas for the welfare of the horses. If you have time or donations you could offer, please read Our Project page get in touch.

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