We are looking for donations and willing hands to be able to fulfil our goals. 


Our project consists of three elements: The sanctuary horses; helping and teaching people; and providing services locally. These elements work hand-in-hand but need to be addressed in that order, the most immediate issue being that of the horses we currently have in our care.

Therefore it is possible to build the project in stages and we hope to keep you informed as donations come in and work is carried out. Of greatest urgency are improved fencing, slow feeders, a shelter and a feed store. Feed is so costly and at the moment we have only tarpaulins to cover it. We need somewhere for the horses to go when it rains so we can conserve the ground. Once these basics are met then we can start building the environment enrichment programme

We have estimated a cost, but there will be variables we can’t anticipate and we continually update as we do the work.

Read more about our staged plans and goals and follow our journey (link coming soon)


Ways You Can Help

As well as, or instead of making a direct donation, we really appreciate it if you can share our project and generally make a noise about it! PLEASE send it in emails, sometimes people surprise us.

There is a paypal donation button and a link to our Facebook page at the bottom of this page. Or email us if you would like an alternative payment method or would like to make a regular donation timeandspacehorseriding@gmail.com 

We can also offer something in return for larger donations, for example if you have some money set aside for a family holiday or a gift for a grandchild or you are looking for an alternative honeymoon destination we could create a package which we could all enjoy! We can offer pony sponsorships, riding holidays and camping trips... Just get in touch!

If you would like to get involved in the sanctuary or project in some physical sense then we always need handy people on the farm and internet/computer people! If our Facebook page goes quiet, people may think we have disappeared but we are just too busy with the horses!

You can send a message through this webpage, facebook page or send an email to timeandspacehorseriding@gmail.com


We also run a working student programme where you can come and get involved and for a small donation receive regular riding and/or classes in horsemanship or language.

For more details read our Volunteer with us page.


The Impact

Andalucían culture is steeped in tradition and custom, which dictates the way in which horses are commonly kept and cared for. It is typical to see horses hobbled in fields, with no water and little forage. Many horses are permanently stabled, only brought out to drink from trough or for traditions such as fiestas. Horses are still used to work the land here.  This is vital for rural life but often there is little awareness of how isolating a herd animal affects their physical and mental wellbeing.

It is through our work with the horses at Time and Space that we aim to educate and change the outlook of local people, improving their understanding of the horse’s true nature and abilities and providing sanctuary for those animals whose owners cannot change.

This project is very important to us as it will allow us to continue with the vital care and progression these horses need. We have successfully nurtured the current herd and provided them with ‘time and space’ for them to develop their natural structure which is paramount for the recovery of damaged horses. We have also retrained nervous and badly treated horses to be more accepting of human contact, and with this trust we can confidently ride them barefoot and bitless.

In order for our work to continue it is imperative that the horses have the space to run freely as a herd in an area as closely resembling nature as possible.

Our project will have an impact on horses and owners locally both now and for the future generations. We shall also be  able to give confidence and empower people to change their lives through our work in the student programme and the sanctuary life will be greatly improved for both horses and their carers freeing up time and energy to focus on developing the horses within each one's needs.



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