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The herd Clare was working with for six years consisted of up to 35 horses roaming over 250 hectares of forest and mountain. In 2016 they sadly lost their land and had to be re-homed. Clare took part of the herd with her to their current location in Atajate, and started the Education Sanctuary. But this did not compare to what they had always lived on.

Clare was taught a lot by the herd regarding horse husbandry and the fundamental needs of a well balanced natural horse. Now the team at Time and Space intend to use that learning to create a special enriched paddock which replicates aspects of nature and the free-roaming herd to fore fill the horses' needs.

Building Project

Fencing for the trees

We need to protect some of the trees in the field from the horses eating their bark and branches These are almond and olive trees which yeils an important harvest. It is possible to fence off two areas which contain most of the trees. This will have a double benefit as the ground around the trees will be able to rest and grow grass for the horses to eat under supervision in the summer time. It will also give us safe areas to store feed and other items.

Wooden rails to replace barbed wire

We would like to eventually change all of the fencing, but the priority is to change the run where the horses eat their feed and hay to prevent injuries to both horse and human from barbed wire to wooden poles.

Change location of feed area

We need to change the location of the feeding area. As we are based on a hill in wet conditions the feed can not be driven to the current area, which means it is extremely labour intensive to transport. At the moment the horses face uphill to eat. If we change the location they will have to face downhill. We could not do this until we changed that run of fencing to wooden posts as they would lean on the fencing which is dangerous. As that step has been achieved now, we can move the feed area once we have enough funds for some heavy duty water pipe in order to mix the feeds at the bottom of the hill where there is too high a water pressure for normal tubing.

Fence additional grazing

As the area where the horses spend most time puts a lot of strain on the grasses and plants, we need to fence two more large fields to provide extra grazing throughout the dry months. This will make a huge difference to the horses and we are really looking forward to this stage.

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   2. For the humans we need to create certain facilities to make rainy days and sunny days more comfortable and the already hard work a little easier. This will help to save time so we can better put it to other needs of the horses whilst still enjoying time with them and in the countryside.

Building Project Elements and Details

   1. For the horses we need to protect both the land and the horses whilst still enriching the paddock for the horses' mental and physical needs and preserving the land for prolonged and intensive use. Below is a list of our goals, ideas and dreams, some of which have been achieved thanks to helpers and donations. Please follow the                      links for updates and pictures.

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