Our project is ambitious and we aim to improve lives of both horses and people in Andalucía.

The plight of horses is REAL here. So many people feel helpless and overwhelmed at the cruelty all around and can only turn away with a heavy heart.

YOU can make a difference. PLEASE SHARE and DONATE or join one of our programmes.

Through working with a wonderful free roaming herd in the mountains for six years, the harsh contrast of their lives and the lives of other local horses has been highlighted. We have recently been thrown into the situation of ‘do or die’. Along our journey, we have inevitably started working with people as they are needed to support the horses and now we have realised just how much help people need also.

All the potential and energy is here already to make this project a success. We are preparing pages to show you work that we have already carried out with animals and people, and work we would like to do given the resources. We just need is a chance to fulfil these possibilities and are desperately appealing to animal (and people) lovers around the world. Let’s create some love and connections....!


Our sanctuary project has various elements

   1. Immediate relief for the sanctuary horses

Time and Space are building an enriched environment for their small herd of horses which has been inspired by the home that they lost.

Our horses had to be moved from their free-roaming natural situation which provided all the physical and mental stimulation to create these happy balanced horses. When we decided to take care of a herd of up to 36 of free-roaming horses in 2010 we took our responsibilities seriously. We provided veterinary care, routine worming, hoof care and castrations. Six years into this project the owner began giving the horses away to abusive homes. We were forced to make as many safe as possible, as quickly as we could. Currently we have them on our own small piece of land but this cannot continue to support them without considerable improvements.

We learnt a lot from the horses living in this natural way and we need to recreate many of these aspects and teach people how important it is to provide the correct environment for their horse and how this can be possible on a small piece of land.

Click here to find out more about our Paddock Enrichment Project and how you can get involved.

   2. Personal journeys

Many people have benefitted personally from the time spent with Time and Space (See our testimonials). Horses are truthful. They teach you how to communicate with many different characteristics effectively, and thus you can gain confidence through this new found communication. Horses can be very willing partners when their thoughts and feelings are considered. Otherwise, they are very unhappy, unwilling, and even downright dangerous.

Horsemen and women join us from around the world to learn and practice natural horsemanship using body language and psychology. We would also like to continue our work with people and families who have suffered from violence and abuse as well as individuals and groups from corporations who can all benefit personally and as a whole.

Click here to find out more about our volunteering and student programmes and how you can get involved.

   3. Project Partnership – Community Project

Through fundraising from donations, trainings and Working Students we can improve our community project which aims to provide horses locally with the quality of life that they deserve. Education, demonstration and providing resources will greatly speed along the changes that are needed here in Andalucía.

Many traditional mind-sets cannot be changed, but if we can provide services and change the ‘norm’ so that the next generation expect to see hoof care; veterinary care; correct feeding, stabling and training and learn to recognise when a horse is in pain or distress then we can reduce the amount of rescue cases which are already in need of help way before there are any laws broken and horses may be removed.

Read more about changing traditions (link to follow soon).




Our Project

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